meet adrienne

Most days, you'll find me with a chai tea in hand, hard at work in my office with the windows open and my favorite albums playing. Either that or I'm planning the next epic adventure I get to take with my wonderful husband -- and second photographer -- Michael!  I'm a wedding photographer, a musician's wife, and a champion organizer. I'm a National Park aficionado, triangle pose enthusiast, and from time to time you'll find me curled up on the couch with my hubs, my pup, and a romantic black and white film.

Elegant, romantic, and timeless is how I describe my photography. My hope is that when you look back on your wedding images, you can sense how vibrant and truly alive your love was on your wedding day and continues to be as
you grow older together. The happiness, tears, and laughter
in the images will spark the most beautiful and lasting memories from your day. This really is the best job in the world.

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My husband, Michael. He stole my heart the day we met and he's had it ever since. He supports me in everything that I do, and I am truly thankful to have such a loving man to journey with through this amazing life.

favorite things


Bosco. I love our little teddy bear labradoodle. He brings me so much joy and I can't imagine life without him.
Find him on instagram at #boscomatz!

favorite things


US National Parks. I have been to 36 of 61 and am trying to get to them all! A portion from every wedding package will be donated to the National Park Foundation whose mission is to protect these treasured landscapes for generations to come.

favorite things


favorite things


Travel. I am always planning the next adventure and have a serious wanderlust to see the world. My favorite trips to date?
 A toss up between Hawaii, Paris, and Tibet!

favorite things


Old Charm. have grown to appreciate magnificent old architecture and can't help but look around when I'm in Philadelphia or New York. I adore classic films, especially any movie starring Cary Grant.

favorite things

Sunrises & Sunsets. I make a point to watch as many sunrises and sunsets as I can. There is something so beautiful and peaceful about them.


favorite things

Staying active. I am a hiker, runner, mountain biker, yogi, and kayaker. My health is so important to me and it is so much easier to be healthy when you're having fun.


how about you?

You are a warm, loving couple.

You selflessly help your friends, family, and fluffy pets.

You believe that traditions on your wedding day are important.

You're looking forward to participating in them and establishing a few of your own.

You know that a timeless style always outlives the latest trends.

You want your images to capture who
you are in a genuine and loving manner.

You prefer photos that are
candid and real.

You are looking forward to the joy and
excitement of your wedding day, but
also can't wait for the happiness of the
years to come. 

You're marrying someone who
makes you a better person. 

You must be the perfect fit! Let's set up a consultation!